For Business Owners and Executives Who Need to Fix Delegation Problems NOW


The Problem

Delegation is a make-or-break skill for leaders at all levels, yet very few people have a complete toolbox to do it well. If you hear or say these things, Delegation Grid™ will help.

  • "I'll just do it myself because it will be faster or easier."
  • "How do I get people to work to my standards?"
  • "How do I inspire an ownership mentality in my team?"
  • "I wish my team would bring me solutions instead of just problems."

These are all signs that you or another manager is struggling with delegation.

The Solution

Delegation Grid™ is a tool that simplifies delegation. Use it to choose and implement one of 12 delegation strategies based on what you're delegating and your level of trust with the person.

With Delegation Grid™ you will:

  • Reclaim Your Time: Stop wasting time working below your pay grade.
  • Reduce Stress: Overcome micromanaging habits and reduce everyone's stress.
  • Increase Productivity: Unleash the capacity and talent of everyone on your team.

Free Lesson and Toolbox

The fastest way to learn and start using Delegation Grid™ is with this free 45-minute lesson. No sign-up or email required. Just push play and start your training right now.

Watch it yourself. Share it with every executive and manager in your organization. Start improving delegation and collaboration today.

Meet Scott

Scott Drake is a leadership trainer and coach who's an expert at teaching delegation quickly. Like 90% of new leaders, he wasn't a natural at delegation and it took him ten years to master it. When he saw other managers on his team going through the same painful learning curve, he set out to find a faster way to teach it. When he couldn't find the training his team needed, he embarked on a five-year research project and invented it.

To work with Scott, or for media, speaking, or podcast guest appearances, visit, or send him a message.